A. Study Program Identity

University  : Sebelas Maret Surakarta University
 Faculty : Teacher Training and Education
Study Program (SP) : Mechanical Engineering Education 
 Educational Stage : Strata 1 / Bachelor Level
 Graduate Degree : S.Pd. (Bachelor of Education)
 Accreditation Status : Rank A.
SK BAN PT : No. 0830/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/VI/2016
 Alamat SP :  Jalan Ahmad Yani Nomor 200 Kampus V FKIP UNS Pabelan Surakarta
 Nomor Telepon SP : (0271) 718419
 Nomor Faksimili SP : (0271) 716266
 Beranda :

B. Logo Meaning

Lambang UNS di Gerbang Depan Kampus.

The anatomy of UNS symbol is the form of flower with 4 flower leaves as a visualizatio of the nation, wich means the education of the nation’s children who will make the nation & state proud, three flower leaves; above, right slide & left slide are the embodiment of the tri dharma of college, one flower below consist of 5 units symbolizing the principles of Pancasila, the lines forming the 4 petals are made in a chain to represent the unity of the UNS academic community

Flowers symbolize the nation; the three petals are the embodiment of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, and the five-pointed serrations on the lower petals represent the five precepts of Pancasila; the unbroken border is representing the unity of the citiznes of the University

The shape of the flower’s head is describes as Wiku originated from the Pali language, which means knowledgeable person. The Wiku with a flame in the center of its face symbolizes the radiance of mind full of wisdom, discernment, nobility and the eternal light of knowledge.

The series of words in a circle constitute the Sengkala Candra, each of wich contains following meanings; mangesthi means number 8, luhur means number 0, ambangun means number 9, and nagara means number 1; Reading from the back shows the number 1908, namely the year of java when the university was founded in AD 1976; the circular and radiant praba symbolizes the radiance of purity and nobility.

The unity of these things is in a circle that says Sebelas Maret University and the abbreviation UNS. The blue sky color symbolizes the pledge of loyalty and devotion to the state, Nation and Knowledge.