Vision & Mision


“Becoming a Reference for Mechanical Engineering Education Study Programs at the Regional Level Based on the Noble Values of the National Culture”



  1. Organizing education, learning, and guidance effectively to produce educators in the field of mechanical engineering who are superior, highly competitive, and independent graduates in mechanical engineering.
  2. Carry out research and development that supports the implementation of education and learning for the benefit of humans;
  3. Carrying out community service activities oriented towards increasing the professionalism of vocational high school teachers in mechanical engineering.



  1. Producing mechanical engineering education graduates with a high cumulative grade point average and integrity as educators with national and international recognition.
  2. Producing graduates who can apply knowledge and expertise in mechanical engineering education based on the national culture’s noble values.
  3. Conducting research and development in mechanical engineering education beneficial to science and humanity.
  4. Increasing community service in quality and quantity, especially in mechanical engineering education.