PLO eng

PLO1: Apply ethical principles based on religious, legal, and social norms based on the noble values of the nation’s culture

PLO2: Demonstrate effective works both individually and as a team member

PLO3: Demonstrate effective communication

PLO4: Commit to professional ethics and responsibilities

PLO5: Pursue a lifelong learning

PLO6: Apply content knowledge of mechanical engineering and pedagogy to design the curriculum and learning activities

PLO7: Capable to integrate the content knowledge of mechanical engineering and pedagogy to deliver learning experiences using a variety of instructional and assessment strategies in the teaching process at Vocational High Schools

PLO8: Apply the mathematical, scientific, and technical knowledge to scientifically carry out mechanical engineering related works

PLO9: Choose the appropiate material for engineering applications according to the specified technical requirements

PLO10: Design mechanical components, systems, machines, and processes according to specified technical requirements

PLO11: Select, operate, and maintain both conventional and computer-based machine tools

PLO12: Investigate engineering problems and/or engage reflective instructional cycle following a scientificprocedure